20 Feb 2019

Meet Aderjaan

Meet Aderjaan, he’s part of our development team. His tasks include taking care of the software as well as some operational tasks. Aderjaan joined the team at the very early stages of the company back in 2010.

“Ruben is a friend of mine. He invited me over to have a cup of coffee to discuss the opportunity of joining the team. I liked the company and the idea behind it, so I gave it a try, and I've been here ever since.”

Aderjaan loves working at Capptions because of the friendly atmosphere and he gets to work with the latest tech. Everyone knows each other well, so it's a balance of friendship and business. If you were to describe him, you would say he's the friendly, funny guy who does his job. His life/work is quite good as he works from home twice a week. In his free time, Aderjaan enjoys reading, walking, spending time with his family, as well as grabbing a drink with his friends.

"I'm quite happy where I am, but if I were to go anywhere; I would go to New Zealand. I love the countryside as well as the amount of space that this country has to offer."

Aderjaan really likes the outdoors and the one thing he hasn’t done but would like to try out is parachuting.