02 April 2019

Meet Anje

Meet Anje, our marketing manager. Aside from her general duties she’s taken it upon herself to take care of the office and the people in it. She takes care of the lunches and makes sure that the plants are kept alive.

Anje started working with us last year in February, as an intern and at the start of summer, she became the company’s marketer. It's actually a funny story because Anje was initially doing her graduate internship at a company in Amsterdam, but the company unexpectedly decided to pull out of the Dutch market. Luckily for us, she found Capptions and it was a perfect match from both sides.

"I love the team and the autonomy I get here, which also comes with many responsibilities, but it’s cool cause I’m at the very start of my career. Since Capptions is a start-up and we have a pretty small team, you kind of owe it to everyone to do your best work. That’s what keeps me inspired to do my utmost at work.”

Work days can get a little busy at Capptions, so having a life/work balance can be challenging. Anje’s free time is spent kickboxing, and playing basketball. Aside from that, she’s a regular 20-something year old, who goes out with her friends and enjoys parties and festivals.

Travelling is another passion of hers. She’s visited almost 30 different countries to date. Anje was actually born in South Africa and moved to the Netherlands with her family when she was a kid. She’s grateful for the move though, as she’s gotten to travel a lot and had access to good education.

“I really want to go bungee jumping or skydiving. I’m afraid of heights, but I’d love to feel that rush of adrenaline.”

On most days, Anje is the only woman in the office. She doesn’t mind it though and the guys make her laugh all the time.

“In a perfect world, I’d combine my passion for marketing with travelling. I would stay in one country for 6 months and then move on to the next.”