22 March 2019

Meet Frank

Meet Frank, our customer success manager and the glue that holds us together.

"My work is to communicate with the customers, the development team, sales, and marketing. So, I'm always receiving feedback and ideas from all these sources, which then turns into creating value as a team. We, as a company, learn a lot, and our customers benefit from the value we get to add."

Frank started working with us in October 2015, as a pre-sales manager his task was to work with potential customers and see how their case could fit the platform. Through time and experimenting he realized he wanted something more strategic and focused on implementation, that’s how he grew into his role as our CSM.

It’s actually quite an interesting story of how Frank ended up at Capptions. For his graduation at Twente University, Frank interned at TNO, a dutch research company doing studies on maritime safety. At the same time, TNO was doing a project with Capptions (Safety Changer, at the time), and that’s how Frank got to know the company!

“I really enjoy the atmosphere we have in the office. Having a common goal in the company connects us as a team. We enjoy a cup of coffee and a game of foosball and together we take that extra step to grow.”

In his free time, he runs 2 to 3 times a week, plays tennis, makes music, and loves to read. Frank likes the work/life balance that Capptions offer because even on busy days in the office he gets time for himself. He brings a really good atmosphere into the office with his dry sense of humor and is easy to talk to.

“My hidden talent is to cook 1-minute rice in 58 seconds.”

Frank was born in a little village called Holten, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. His parents still live there, so he visits once in a while. He likes the big city life in Rotterdam with lots of cultural activities, but if he were to choose a place to go back to it would be Banff, a small town in Canada.

"I've been skiing since I was a kid so if I were to do something out of the ordinary, it would be Heli-skiing. Flying up a mountain and ski down with some friends around would be absolutely amazing"