05 April 2019

Meet Jonathan

Meet Jonathan our co-founder & CEO. In the role of a director, he is responsible for everything that goes on at Capptions. Jonathan and his brother Ruben started Capptions in 2015 with the help of their venture capital partner.

"What I especially love about Capptions; is to be able to engage with a bunch of bright minds to pursue our goal as a company. We can both think, but thinking together we achieve greater things."

A little background on Jonathan: he started his entrepreneurial voyage in 2006 and worked with a client from 2007 until 2010 focused on risk management. He took a step back and realized that it was a very static model that didn’t fit the needs of the clients. As an entrepreneur, he saw a gap in the market which led to the creation of the software platform that has evolved into Capptions as it is today.

Jonathan is a storyteller, so if you were to walk into our office, you’d probably end up spending a bit more time. The organizational structure at Capptions is pretty flat, so even though Jonathan is the CEO you can talk to him about anything and everything. He’s more of a coach than a boss, and is always open to new ideas.

Believe it or not, he also has a life outside of the office!

"I spend quite some time with my kids; I'm always finding new ways to keep them busy and entertained. I love being outdoors, so you'll probably see me running or cycling, and actually, I used to go surfing. I should pick it up again! I also enjoy spending time with my friends."

He grew up North of Rotterdam, and he only has good memories of his childhood. His house was right next to his dad's car dealership and a big natural park. In his free time, he liked to build treehouses and go fishing in the fresh water running through the park. His ideal workplace right now would be split between sunny days somewhere in the Mediterranean and three months of winter in the Alps.

“I would love to go parasailing and sailing someday, it’s okay to cherish some dreams.”