26 March 2019

Meet Labib

Meet Labib he is our senior developer. In 2013 the company was called Safety Changer, he worked alongside Ruben in India while Jonathan was in the Netherlands with Aderjaan until 2015. Labib started working for the company again last year, but now at the office in the Netherlands.

“I love working at Capptions, because there is a friendly atmosphere and the second thing is that it almost feels like you’re not working because you're doing what you love. The organizational structure is so flat that if you ever need help, everyone is ready to give you a hand. Normally in a company, you feel scared to ask for help or say that you have an issue, but this is not the case at Capptions.”

Since Labib moved to the Netherlands just recently, everything is quite new for him. He has been exploring the city in his free time and started following salsa classes every evening. He also enjoys doing other things such as reading, playing/making music and learning new skills. Labib tends to do a lot of self-learning in his free time as well, so he is the type of guy that will enter the office one month being a magician and the next being an expert in chess.

"To this day I haven’t been skiing, so it is for sure on my top list things to do when it comes to learning a new skill."

Finding a life/work balance, is something he has learned throughout his life. Labib was originally born in Syria where he very much liked living and working.  After that, he worked in two different countries in the Middle-East and India. What he has learned over the past years is that office time is to work hard, so it doesn't take over your own personal time.

"Aderjaan and Ruben are practically my mentors because I had a different line of work when it comes to programming. Ruben is one of the most hard-working programmers I know and one of the best I know. So, working with someone that is better than you and more hardworking than you really motivates you to strive higher."

Labib is a very skillful individual, whom we enjoy having in the office. He always has something new to teach, so you would be able to start a conversation with him about anything. It’s a pleasure to have him back in the team and we expect to achieve some great progress with his contribution.