28 March 2019

Meet Marjan

Meet Marjan she is our financial manager. She makes sure that our numbers make sense and that we actually meet our financial goals. Marjan comes to the office once a week, because she does bookkeeping for several companies and we're one of her clients. She started working with us in 2012, so basically since the beginning.

“If I’m stuck with something: the best solution is to keep on working on it until it’s not a problem anymore. So, for example, I was calculating the numbers of January and there was a problem, and I just worked until I fixed it.”

In her free time, she enjoys reading books, gardening, and spending time with her family. She does find it challenging finding that perfect work/life balance. It almost feels to her that work takes a lot of her time, but she’s devoted to her family. We don’t see Marjan too often, but when we do, it’s really nice having her around.

“I love the people and seeing the company grow over the years.”

Marjan grew up in Veluwe; it's a small village in the middle of the Netherlands. Her childhood was spent in nature, which she very much enjoyed. Now she lives in Delft with her family, and she is happy having everything closer. Marjan is happy living in the Netherlands but does enjoy going on vacation with her family.

"I would love to go snowboarding because I usually ski when we do winter sports. The learning process can be long and a bit painful, but I'd love to try it out someday."