28 March 2019

Meet Ruben

Meet Ruben our co-founder and CTO. He is responsible for the platform and the development of the technical aspect; that means managing the development team and implementation. He started building the platform back in 2014, but the company took a full start in 2015 with his brother Jonathan.

“I genuinely love making customers happy with our solution, so when they use the software as it is, and we receive positive feedback it makes me happy.”

As a person, Ruben is very dedicated and will not start something unless he's going to do it well. He is very pragmatic as well, so you can count on him to find a solution in some way, shape or form. He cherishes a stable work/life balance, but of course, as a founder, there might be a few more tasks here and there that he has to do at home sometimes.

“I have a family with three kids, so I spend most of my time with them. In my personal time, I love watching or playing sports. If it involves a ball, I will most likely enjoy it. I also like traveling; experiencing, and reading about other cultures.”

He was born in a small town not too far from Rotterdam. His childhood was mostly spent outside since it was a safe environment and that’s what he really liked about it. He's happy where he's now, but since he loves traveling; he wouldn't mind living somewhere else. Ruben was in India for 5 years and has a love for Asia but wouldn't mind living in Vancouver or New Zealand for example.

“I’d love to pick up kite surfing sometime soon or even just surfing.”