What an engaged workforce can achieve

The fastest way to implement quality and efficiency improvements. A tale of Ardagh's struggle, the solution and their successes. Ardagh group came to Capptions after a multi-year quest to sort out workforce engagement in safety and lean six sigma programs in the company. They had initiated numerous attempts at getting day-to-day participation in collecting feedback and building a culture of relentlessly continued improvement in safety, quality and efficiency.

>75% time savings on audits
100% workforce engagement
Lean Six Sigma audits fully digitalized
100% paperless

“We now perform our audits in no time and there is more employee engagement. The app gives every employee a voice. The cultural effect pays off in higher productivity, quality and an overall better workplace.”

-Pierre Autret

The Company

Ardagh Group is a leading global supplier of value-added, infinitely-recyclable, metal and glass packaging solutions for the world’s leading brands. The consistent pursuit of market-leading innovation, quality and customer service, backed by investment in our people and processes, has underpinned our rapid growth over the past two decades.

We remain focused on continuous improvement in all aspects of our business to deliver long-term, sustainable success for our stakeholders. Ardagh Group has a truly global presence. We operate 108 metal and glass manufacturing facilities in 22 countries across 5 continents, employing approximately 23,300 people and have global sales of approximately $8.6 bn.

The Challenge

One brand, one vision. Ardagh Group is built up by acquiring factories around the globe and harmonize the mode of operation and leverage scale-effects. Due to the classical top-down approach and cultural differences in the various countries, this unification process takes a lot of time. Ardagh experienced several setbacks in earlier top-down attempts to standardize on safety and lean management.

Therefore, Ardagh was specifically looking for a solution capable of eliminating all paperwork while engaging work floor personnel in a culture change towards continuous improvement.

The Solution

The Capptions solution supported Ardagh in eliminating all paper and manual information processing in the lean manufacturing and safety processes.With one app, available and accessible to everyone, every single team member would instantly receive an opportunity to voice their ideas and opinions on improving the manufacturing process.

The Result

Naturally, a lot of time and costs are saved in fully digitizing the lean and safety management processes. The side effect of giving all individual workers access, and with that a voice, through an easy to use mobile app, however, made the implementation really successful.

The first pilot factory in Dongen (NL) is using Capptions full scale now and they perform their daily 5S inspections engaging the whole workforce from admin to operator and engineers to plant director (370 employees). The lean mindset they have created is resulting in continuous improvements all over their facility on a daily basis. As Ardagh is dedicated to share good and best practices worldwide the roll-out is currently taking place in other facilities.

The US plants, who are now in the deployment phase already saved more than 200 hours of management audit time per month streamlining their 5S audit system.

The German plants, instead of having a printed paper and camera for their Safety walk, 5S audit, ISO audit and legal compliance audit, now have an integrated and standard digital approach for all of their EHS walks. And that is just the start as there are many other audits & inspections where the flexible app can be used.

Pierre Autret| Lean Six Sigma Director Ardagh Glass Division

“Capptions allows our teams to be more efficient in their routine audits but most importantly allows every employee to participate in finding and realizing improvements all over our facilities.

When the entire workforce is engaged, it takes ownership of their workplace resulting in more improvements than we have ever had. The whole administration is now fully digital, resulting in documented insight and information about the status of our operations worldwide, so continuous improvement can be achieved on a daily basis.

The flexibility of the app but also from the Capptions development team is a major benefit to our entire organization. There are still many more administrative side applications we would like to digitalize with this tool and with the creation of our future proof database we have built a solid foundation for sharing best practices within our community.”