How to gain insight into your operations

When Fujairah Oil Terminal came to Capptions, the company was frustrated with a disengaged workforce and a lacking of insight into the status of the risks on the terminal. Lack of data also raised concerns for the company’s compliance with safety, environment and quality standards.

300% increase in safety observations
250% Increase in workforce engagement
OHSAS 18001 ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 fully digital
100% Paperless and real time

“Capptions has proven to be easy to implement and operate in a highly demanding environment like FOT.”

-Ronald Bakker

The Company

Fujairah Oil Terminal FZC (FOT), is a world class 1,177 million cubic meter onshore oil storage facility based in the rapidly developing port of Fujairah, south of the Straits of Hormuz on the Indian Ocean. The storage facility was built according to the best industry specifications and meets the latest international standards, complying with the latest HSEQ standards with OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015. FOT can handle the full spectrum of petroleum products and is the first to handle crude oil as an independent terminal in the region. FOT provides services like blending, additivation, heating, pipeline and ship-to-ship transfers.

The Challenge

In working with highly flammable and explosive products in a hot and sandy environment, in a culture that is naturally wary of written communication, safe operations are of the utmost importance in their line of work. Therefore, FOT is continuously seeking improvement possibilities for her safety performance. Our challenge was in finding ways to engage the whole team in actively measuring and monitoring our terminals’ infrastructure and performance. This is the only way to identify and eliminate or mitigate any issues before they can become harmful to our people, environment or assets.

The Solution

The Capptions solution gives FOT the means to make documented checks and findings easy, quick and fun to do. Now, each shift uses the app to monitor the terminal twice a day. Any observation done during these inspections are immediately recorded in the Capptions platform and shared among all relevant staff. If required, actions are assigned to responsible staff to ensure a closed loop from identifying a (potential) issue to the correction and/or mitigation of this issue.

The Result

In just 3 months time, the Capptions tool has proven itself to be easy to implement and adopt by the crew. Our safety, environment and quality management systems are now fully integrated in the day-to-day terminal operation, securing the achievement of targets in Safety, Quality and Maintenance, as well as in Operations.

Ronald Bakker | Operations Manager | Fujairah Oil Terminals

"Our safety, environment and quality management systems are now fully integrated in the day-to-day terminal process. Capptions helps us secure compliance and achieve our operational targets."