1 Generic Inspection App, 1.400 inspectors, 30% time saved on inspection tasks

ILT, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management’s Inspectorate came to Capptions when they needed a platform on which they could digitialise their inspector’s non-desk operations. Quick and easy inspection report generation, picking scheduled inspection jobs from a map view, they now save 30% in time on inspection tasks.

43% More work done
Inspector friendly administration
Strong information position
One generic inspection app

The Capptions platform helps us build a uniform front-end for all information systems within the inspectorate. One generic inspectorate app (GIA) makes the non-desk work much more easy and much faster. The GIA unifies the inspectorate organisation around it’s core tasks of supervision, enforcement, detection and giving out permits. We now streamline information, and better connect with the users’ wishes. The GIA replaces a wide variety of previously used, mostly old systems, especially also pen and paper. Capptions helps us to leverage state of the art Information Technology for the execution of our primary tasks.

The Company

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate monitors and encourages compliance with both national and European legislation and regulations in favour of a safe and sustainable human environment, safe and sustainable transport and maintaining confidence in housing associations.

Over 1.400 employees are assigned to the task of giving out permits to companies and the supervision, detection and enforcement on their compliance.

The Challenge

As per the minister’s decree, the Inspectorate needs to do more inspections with the same resources and with less administrative burden on the companies inspected. The current inspectorate infrastructure consists of multiple information systems with limited User Interfaces. Inspectors all have adopted their own way of working, generally using good old pen and paper. Due to the consequent inconsistency, the inspectorate lacks adequate

information and insighs needed to effectively decide on where and when to intervene. In addition, taking manual notes and manually working them to reports takes too much time to be able to improve productivity with the same team. It had become clear that a lot could be gained by harmonising and uniforming data intake at the front-end. How to achieve this?

The Solution

When the Inspectorate and Capptions first met, it had become clear that they were in search of a generic front-end user interface solution that could be used on both iOS and Android as well as browser-based devices.To support uniform data intake on the front-end, a multi-system back-end as well as 3rd party API integrations needed to be connected. In less than 6 weeks Capptions proved to be able to deliver the the inspetorate’s Generic Inspection Application, now referred to as the GIA.

The Result

Whether it is the supervision of taxi-companies, now a much less time-intense and taxi-driver frustrating job, physical railroad infrastructure audits, Legionella control in swimming pools and camping sites, or blockchain-based governance of EU-wide waste transportation, with Capptions ILT now has one Generic Inspectorate Application.The GIA provides for capturing all non-desk data in a structured way, saves 30% in cost of the inspection work, gets 43% more tasks done and makes the life of the inspectors to-the-point, easy and fun!

Ben Zwartveld

"The Capptions solution helps us become One Inspectorate, it forges internal partnerships, it enables multidisciplinary cooperation and makes all administration work dead simple! Working with team Capptions is a delight in their focus on straight- forward solutions to our complexity"