The right data to make the best restauration decisions

Of the world’s 7.8 billion hectares of farmable land, 2 billion has degraded through removal of vegetation, excessive use of fertilisers/pesticides, overgrazing, salination, as well as changes in climate. 500 million hectares of these have been abandoned. When Land Life Company was introduced to Capptions, they had just started planting trees using their ground breaking Cocoon in areas where nature cannot recover unaided.

10x faster data capturing in the field
The best tree per location, thanks to real-time insights
250.000 trees planted, inspected and counting
100% paperless

"We all want to preserve this planet for future generations to live a healthy, happy life, I’m sure each and every one you have your own source of inspiration of why this is important.
We now have the resources, technology and capabilities to restore our planet. Let’s do it together."

- Rebekah Braswell

The Company

Land Life Company’s vision is to restore the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land. The innovative COCOON planting technology enables trees and plants to grow in arid conditions, revitalizing ecosystems and communities. It can be applied to projects of all sizes and can be used for different tree types and soil conditions. The various applications of the COCOON include nature restoration, carbon capture, highway planting and productive trees. The COCOON planting technology is a low-cost, sustainable and scalable solution to plant trees in dry and degraded soils all over the world, bringing back life to ecosystems and communities.

The Challenge

Land Life Company turns their customer's CO2 footprint into healthy forests that pump oxygen back into the air. Their customers want proof on how they achieve their promise, that’s where the need data for data comes in. How do we make the most effective restoration decisions? What tree do we plant in each region? During what time of year, to give best results. What’s the best way to support such decisions? Data; if you can’t measure it, you can’t prove it. Starting to capture data using a good old clipboard, Land Life soon enough ran into problems of speed, inconsistency and patchy data. They needed to capture the data digitally, reliably and real-time to reduce the risk of planting errors in the field. And with as little time per tree inspected as possible.

The Solution

Stell GmbH, the Capptions Gold Partner in Germany, introduced Land Life Company to the Capptions app. By combining Stell’s high-end QR-labels and Capption’s ability to read them, every tree planted can now be entered into the database with three simple clicks on the hand-held laser-scanner connected to a smartphone, much faster than before using the paper-and-clipboard. Furthermore, before leaving the remote planting fields, the data can be analysed and potential follow-up actions can be done right away.

The Result

10 times faster field data collection, zero-error margin data entry, 10s of thousands of trees planted, and digitally tracked. 100% paper-free. Together we’re preserving this planet for future generations to live a healthy, happy life. We now have the resources, technology and capabilities to restore our planet. Let’s do it!

Tom Janmaat

“Capptions and QR code labels produced by Stell allow us to efficiently collect consistent data on a large scale”