One app, unlimited applications

Increase efficiency and get rid of tiresome paperwork.
API and integration. Fits seamlessly into your existing IT-stack.
Smoother field operations with offline functionality
Mobile forms, inspections, audits and more.

We provide a wide range of companies with solutions for common business processes. No matter what you're working on, our platform has the tools to improve it.


Capptions is loaded with features and functionality that help you transform the way you collect, share and analyse your data. Go beyond digitising forms, information from completed responses can trigger actions and workflows. See how Capptions can be tailored to your business needs. One of our specialists will talk you through all the features and possibilities. We're a true partner. That means we’ll take the time to understand your current process and configure a solution that will improve quality, performance, and the bottom line.

Jonathan Stolk | CEO

“With Capptions, we simplify management systems. In freeing up resources wasted on paper, CO2, time and money, we’re not only ensuring compliance, we’re fueling improvement. This is how we help our world advance.”