No matter the challenge, Capptions has a solution

We know that every use case is unique. That's why we've outlined some answer to the questions that we know most companies have. Have a read. Still not sure? Contact us.

Our platform was designed with the end user in mind. Easy-to-use, mobile, and powerful. Capptions brings it all to your fingertips with our powerful mobile app.
Given the flexibility and broadness of our software suite. Capptions is a cost effective solution to your challenges. Get rid of paper and work more efficiently.
Digitize almost any form. Our template builder comes with extensive features and functionality. This makes it possible to improve any paper-based process.
Ged rid of endless emails and excel files. All notifications are managed and setup in Capptions. The data comes in real-time, allowing you to act immediately. No red tape.
No more keying data into the system, it's all where you need it to be. Ready to be analysed and used to make smarter decisions and realise continuous improvement.
Most out-of-the-box software solutions bind you to rigid workflows and less than ideal processes. Not with Capptions, you build your own workflows. We're flexible like that.
Most use cases are already possible with Capptions. Need customisations? No problem, we offer professional service and a custom SLA to make sure you get what you need.
We aim to make you king (or queen) of the platform. You'll only need us for the big stuff. Other than that, you're in charge and you decide on your workflows, etc.
You ask, we answer. Our extensive help center has the answer to almost any question you could ask. Need help? Our support team is always ready to come to your aid.
Our 100% cloud-based solution allows you to work anywhere, anytime. Even without a. working internet connection. The data automatically syncs up once your back online.
We specialize in EHS management, meaning our features are perfectly suited to inspections, safety audits, incident management and corrective actions.
Want to get started right away? No problem, you can have Capptions up and running in 2 days. All we need to do is setup the platform for you, give a short training and you're off.

We provide a wide range of companies with solutions for common business processes. No matter what you're working on, our platform has the tools to improve it.