200 Real Estate Objects · 800 Inspections 75% time saved · 11% more work done

When Technical Property Manager Nico Aarsbergen was introduced to Capptions, he was manually processing the quarterly property inspections with his team of 10 property managers. Each year, they processed the 800 paper inspection reports and manually taken photos into a uniform word report for their clients. In total they spent 2400 hours on this job, which has been cut to 600.

11% more work done
75% of time saved
From 180 min down to 45, using one simple app
800 beautiful PDF reports per year

“Thanks to Capptions we have a greater feeling of being in control. Where previously a tenant called us with a complaint, now we are almost always ahead of that call. The result is more satisfied tenants and therefore more satisfied clients”

-Patrick van der Vliet

Contract manager

The Company

Yield Plus takes real estate management to the next level. Since 2007 they have been pioneering in property management. With a unique fixed service cost they have broken through traditional impasses in real estate management. They take the risk of fluctuating service costs out of the hands of their clients.

In addition, they take up the many opportunities to better serve the interests of the building owner and the tenants. Through innovative ideas, ICT solutions, and entrepreneurship, they achieve a better operational result and lower overall costs. The proud reporting of the achieved results in a particularly transparent way has become their trade-mark. No-nonsense, pro-active, driven and involved ensures pleasant business.

The Challenge

Their commitment to transparent reporting to the clients led Yield Plus to build up a team of 10 dedicated property managers that meticulously inspect the current technical state of each of the over 200 buildings on a quarterly basis. With a growing number of clients and over 600.000m2 of surface serviced, the paper-based inspection process took up a lot of their time and uniformity became hard to manage. Not only inspections differ, but buildings as well. Furthermore, reports were being built manually and could take quite some time, leaving opportunities to quickly intervene unhandled.

The Solution

Yield is winning winning back a lot of time, and therefore they can now pick up more things that would have been overlooked in the past. Such as the management of larger refurbishment projects. The property managers can now provide guidance because Yield has more time for that. Furthermore, the team is very satisfied with the speed at which they are able to take up issues. Yield is now ahead of the complaints from tenants, making both tenants and owners more satisfied.

The Result

Where one quarterly inspection took 3 hours of work spread out over multiple days, Yield now delivers a high quality, uniform report in 45 minutes. This helps them save 1.800 hours of work annually, time they now spend on other lucrative projects. Yield has greatly increased the satisfaction of their team, their suppliers, the tenants and most importantly their clients!

Nico Aarsbergen

"We have been working with Capptions for two years now and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in our line of work. We now have a lot of saved time to spend extra on new business!"