Capture data in the field with an easy-to-use mobile app

Complete forms on-the-go, receive and assign actions and record observations

One app to capture all the data you need

Capptions is loaded with features and functionalities that allow you to capture the data you need

  • Capptions: Access to all the forms you need, straight from the mobile app. Completed Capptions automatically generate PDF rapports.
  • Observations: Allow your team to record observations in the field.
  • Actions: Assign and receive actions as necessary.

All features include notification settings to make sure your workflow is as smooth as possible.

Powerful Template Builder

Create any type of template you like. It can be set up to include the following:

  • Multiple question types
  • Date & time stamp
  • Include photo, video and speech recordings
  • Annotation
  • QR & NFC codes
  • Electronic signatures

Always have access to up-to-date documents. Never deal with unreadable handwriting or missing forms again.

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Capptions does so much more than simply digitising forms. It is the simplest, yet most effective way to close the communication gap between the work-floor and management. Capptions helps you boost efficiency, ensure compliance, and drive continuous improvement.

Yes, data security is high on our list of priorities. That's why Capptions is built on a secure database. We use SSL256 to encrypt your data, in the air as well as in the database. You own the data, we protect it. Read what we do to make this happen in our security statement:

Absolutely. Capptions has a full-fledged JSON/REST API. This practically implies that any other system can be integrated with. Whether you need integration to your ERP, BI, Single-sign-on, Dropbox or Google Sheets, we have your back!