Mei 25th, 2018

The challenges of becoming GDPR-ready

By introducing the General Data Protection Regulation, the EU aims to harmonise business practices and enhance individuals’ privacy controls. However, this comes with tremendous challenges for business, small and big alike.

Non-compliance with the GDPR is out of the question. With fines leading up to €20.000.000, or 4% of an organisation’s global revenue, complying with the GDPR is a must. So why don’t all business go ahead and become compliant?

  • It’s complicated. Literally. The GDPR is vastly complex and lengthy: 99 articles and 173 recitals are crammed into an 88-page report full of legalese and vague wording. How would one translate all of this into actionable and monitorable to-dos?
  •  Mountains of paperwork. The administrative burden for achieving compliance is insane. Companies need to perform numerous tasks such as policy-writing, data auditing, risk assessment, and documentation of every step towards GDPR compliance. Are you planning on cutting down another piece of rainforest?
  • There is no finish line. Becoming compliant is one thing, but staying compliant is another legitimate challenge. In most organisations, change is the only constant. With each change imposing new privacy risks, your GDPR-set-up requires an update. Are you looking forward to sifting through Word and Excel files to get this done?

So what is the solution to these challenges?

At Capptions we’ve been building safety management systems for clients in the past 4 years. With us facing the GDPR-challenges above, we decided to use our own platform to build a closed-loop GDPR-compliance-management system. In close co-operation with data-security specialist and partner True-XS we’ve developed a set of micro-app templates that cover a 8-step GDPR roll-out within our organisation. It took us 4 months to get it sorted out, but now that we’ve got our own compliance covered, we’re making our GDPR-templates available to you. Now we’re offering one platform together with all of our templates in one package. It’s pretty simple!

Our solution

  • Capptions now offers a complete and comprehensive GDPR-kit to get your personal data management done. One app, full compliance.
  • One online portal including a full set of tested micro-app templates for procedures, policy and checklists. All GDPR administration digital, in one place.
  • One mobile app for anyone involved to only give access to the procedures and checks applicable to that person. Anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t get any easier

Minimise administrative burden on your departments by using only one platform for GDPR compliance.

✓ The micro-app templates cover documentation of 8 key steps:

  1.    Personal data inventory
  2.    Privacy lead information
  3.    Lawful bases for processing personal data
  4.    Risk assessment for processing personal data
  5.    Data protection policies
  6.    Privacy notices
  7.    Internal procedures
  8.    Vendors vetting

✓ The platform allows you to plan, assign and perform scheduled checks to ensure continuous correctness

✓ The micro-app templates are ready-to-use in the app for correct change implementation

✓ Customisation of the micro-app templates can be done easily and without IT-involvement using the editor, so every unique case can be covered

✓ 1 App (iOS and Android) runs the micro-apps on the devices of every person involved

In short: 1 Central platform with pre-defined GDPR-micro-apps and a straightforward Management Dashboard, supported by clear & automated PDF-reports on each step in the continuous compliance process.