Capptions signs partnership with LTO Network to give blockchain a mobile face

The future belongs to companies that embrace blockchain. Blockchain technology fundamentally changes how trust between parties is managed, so companies can move from a scenario where every organisation maintains its own copy of a dataset to one where all parties have controlled access to a shared copy. By partnering with LTO Network, this is now available to Capptions clients too. As a first step, Capptions and LTO Network have integrated in such a way that all transactions for Capptions clients are anchored on the LTO Network public blockchain.

"We really believe that the user should be educated on what blockchain is and what value it brings to them today."

By integrating LTO Network’s anchoring service across the Capptions platform, we are able to give blockchain a mobile face. For Capptions, adding blockchain to our applications is something that we deem helpful for our clients. They are dealing with environmental inspections carried out by the Dutch government, oil terminal inspections for parties like Fujairah Oil and the safeguarding refuelling of thousands of aircrafts at Schiphol airport. Our inspection app handles sensitive and vital data, so immutability is critical. By implementing blockchain we’re able to let multiple stakeholders monitor and provide one, but decentralised, secure audit-trail in real-time, at every stage.

“LTO Network creates immutable evidence of data and documents generated by the Capptions app.”

In order to provide an extra layer of data security and follow strict compliance rules in relation to inspection reports and data entries, Capptions implemented LTO Network into their platform. With more than 20.000 users of the Capptions application, they need to ensure that huge volumes of data can be handled, and instantly verified, as well as scaling to cope with future growth. LTO Network’s was able to meet their requirements. LTO Network creates an immutable evidence trail with timestamped evidence of data and documents generated by the Capptions app, this was all possible with just a few lines of code to add it into their existing applications.

With LTO Network enabled in the Capptions apps we give blockchain a Mobile Face.

Anchoring has been enabled across their entire platform, with use-cases including:

  • environmental, health & safety regulatory compliance,
  • asset inspections in sea-going conditions,
  • monitoring progress in the fixing of the planet while it’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land are being reforested,
  • securing kitchen hygiene in 5-star hotel kitchens,
  • quality control in high-end sub-sea structure and vital automotive parts manufacturing,
  • operational safety and equipment integrity for the world's’ largest vertical transportation company as well as
  • supporting maintenance specialists while operating on top of the highest wind-mills in the world.

Rick Schmitz and Jonathan Stolk sign partnership using app

Check out the new capption-reports with instant blockchain proof on the data submitted using the app.

As of March 8, 2019, Capptions has added blockchain verification on reports being created through the app. You are now able to check the transaction in the LTO Network blockchain explorer. If the transaction can be verified in the explorer, you can be certain that this transaction is valid. Try it yourself in our demo.

Try the mobile face of blockchain for free today

Download the LTO-Network enabled Capptions demo below