Vertical Transport

Manage EHS at
the same speed as your business

Address health and safety hazards in real time on the deck, at the port and at heights.

There are plenty of priorities in the world of vertical transport, paperwork should not be one of them.ย 

Combine extreme weather with fatigue and moving cargo, and you have the recipe for dangerous working conditions. These are just a few risks that the vertical transport world faces on a daily basis.

In a fast-moving, high-risk industry, Capptions helps close the gaps between health and safety – as they arise.

850 employees, 2M hours and 0 lost time incidents

Some of our customers are already reaping the rewards of using real-time EHS software such as Capptions. Leader in crane rentals and heavy lifting, Sarens, recently celebrated 2,000,000 manhours without a lost time incident.

This is the company’s largest project to dateโ€”850 employees offloading, trans-shipping, transporting and installing modules for an oil and gas industry mega project in the Caspian region.

โ€œMy colleague used to spend hours on manual data entry.โ€ย 

โ€” Sรฉbastien van Hoof,

Case video met Peinemann

How Capptions can helpย 


Inspect on the go

Imagine going on site in the morning and doing your daily security audit in 10 minutes, with your smartphone


Manage documentsย 

When a standard or a regulation is updated, you can modify your forms in a matter of minutes


Involve employees

Capptions helps create a culture of good housekeeping and empowers employees to report risks and hazards


Integrate safety

Integrate your safety, quality and environment systems with day-to-day operation


Secure cargo

Before moving the cargo can be inspected and any defects in the lashings can be reported


Ensure compliance

Track custom KPIs and update your documents to stay compliant to all rules and regulations

Take control of your EHS process

Save hours on administration and integrate safety into your operations