How to turn efficiency into business continuity

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Presented by Jonathan Stolk

Free webinar for real estate professionals

How to turn efficiency into business continuity

We would all like to work more efficient, save time, and soften our workload, right? We'll talk you through the success story of one of Rotterdam's top property management companies, Yield Plus. They've reduced time wasted on admin by 75% and are now bringing in larger, more lucrative projects. And not only that, they have increase the satisfaction of their clients, their clients' tenants, the inspectors and contractors.

This webinar will show you how to work more efficiently, while reducing waste and growing as a company. But more importantly how to increase the satisfaction of your all parties involved with your business!

How? We'll be taking you through the following points:

  • How to create more structure in your processes
  • Cut down time spent on admin by up to 75%
  • Get valuable information and reports that are ready to be shared with any party involved
  • Create more opportunities for lucrative projects
  • Get ahead of complaints and increase overall satisfaction - create a win-win-win-win-win!

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