Our story

Capptions provides businesses with a tool to capture data efficiently and gain more insight into their operational activities. We are a VC-backed company based in Rotterdam and love all things improvement and data. We’re passionate about driving data-driven decision making for the world’s professionals, one Capption at a time. 

Our mission

Capptions wants to improve the world’s processes to help people be smarter and make better decisions at work. We want to connect people with the insights, data and answers they need to be successful. While there is a lot of data already out there, there is still a vast majority that is filed away in a cabinet. The way to use this data most efficiently is to collect it digitally and automate the process of analysis. Traditional methods involve a major administrative burden and are wasteful. Capptions provides a method that allows on-the-go data capture in a way that contributes to overall progress. 

Our vision 

Drive progress while getting rid of paper, increasing efficiency and contributing to the bottom line. Contributing to a more efficient, safe and waste-free world. 

Our product

Capptions delivers a platform that enable businesses to capture data in the best way possible. Built for both SMEs and enterprises, it is the best way to collect, analyse and share you data. The platform enable users to build their own templates, define and assign to-do’s and last but not least, analyse the data they capture. Your data is encrypted and stored in the Capptions cloud, GDPR compliant of course. Our platform is Blockchain enabled, with which traditional independent players can now work together to streamline and integrate processes, all with controlled, secure access to sensitive data. Capptions’ API allows you to seamlessly integrate this process with your existing IT systems. We aim to simplify.