Capptions is built by a young and innovative team that moves fast and looks out for new solutions that benefit and service our clients.

With the launch of the IncidentChanger app in October 2014, we set out on a mission of improving workplace safety. At that time, by the name of SafetyChanger. Soon we discovered more ways of helping mobile workers, and so we expanded our mission. Pushing beyond just workplace safety, we introduced apps like ActionChanger and InspectionChanger. They are solutions that have enabled real-time data exchange for our clients and made work paper - free and more fun.

With the introduction of our new name – Capptions – we are taking the next step. Capptions merges all functionalities of several previous apps into a single, online environment that boasts a user-friendly interface for real-time data capturing.

More safety, more fun and more efficiency at work – all in one app! Blockchain enabled.